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Arbitration is an excellent way to settle disputes outside of state courts without causing a stir or drawing unwanted attention. Arbitration proceedings are typically faster than a state trial with many authorities, although every arbitration proceeding can be connected to state legal trials in one way or another if the defeated party does not voluntarily comply with the arbitral award.

But the challenge can actually begin with selection of the correct proceeding or institution with whose support the trial will be carried out. Formulating the appropriate arbitration clause is an art unto itself. There are too many details which have to be taken into consideration when formulating an arbitration clause. This is especially true with international contracts. A poorly chosen or incorrectly formulated arbitration clause can call the meaning of the contract into question in case of a conflict.

We counsel our clients in choosing and formulating the appropriate arbitration clause and are available as attorneys in case of a dispute – nationally and internationally. Furthermore, Prof. Rumpf has profound experience as an arbitrator and expert in international arbitration cases.

More detailed information about Turkish national arbitration can be found here [292 KB] .

Germany DIS
Austria ArbAut
Switzerland ASA

For more information see: International Arbitration and Arbitration in Turkey (in German)
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